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Whenever the European Tour is able to resume its tournament schedule, it figures to look profoundly different.

According to an exclusive report by The Telegraph’s James Corrigan, European Tour chief executive Keith Pelley has recently sent memos to tour members warning that there could be plenty of changes on the horizon for the circuit. Chief among them, according to the report: reduced purses, decreased tournament infrastructure and a condensed schedule that could include multiple tournaments in the same week.

As Pelley wrote in the memo (as obtained by The Telegraph): “Our tour has enjoyed a significant period of growth in recent years, in terms of prize funds, playing opportunities and the overall standard of our events, as well as our broadcast product. The impact of the coronavirus has stopped this rapid momentum in its tracks, and it will, in fact, require us to reassess many elements. You should therefore be prepared that when we do resume playing, the schedule and the infrastructure of tournaments could look radically different from what you have been used to. Many of the things you have become accustomed to, such as top-class players’ lounges or courtesy car services will most likely assume a different appearance, if indeed they are present at all.